Team spirit

1. Carry forward the spirit of unity and cooperation and cooperate with each other

2. Establish an open mode of communication

3. Pay attention to every holiday and employee's birthday

4. Care for employee's families

5. Respect each other

—— Dusservice

What Is Team Culture? How to Set Up Team Culture?

Team culture refers to a subliminal culture formed by team members in the process of mutual cooperation in order to realize their own life values and achieve the team's common goals. Team culture is the product of social culture and the traditional cultural concepts formed by the team for a long time, including values, the highest goal, the code of conduct, the management system, the ethics and so on. It takes all the staff as the work object, through the way of publicity, education, training, cultural entertainment, heart-to-heart fellowship and so on, in order to unify the staff's will to the greatest extent, standardize the staff's behaviour, gather the staff's strength, and serve for the overall goal of the team.
1. Enthusiastic service
2. Innovative technology
3. Science and technology first
4. Sincere solidarity