Corporate Responsibility

Dusservice has roots and providing professional services to customers in region for more than 20 years. Wherever Dusservice serves, we attach importance to corporate social responsibility and actively participate in projects and activities that promote social cohesion and community welfare.

We value and maintain continuous communication and cooperation with all levels of government, business, social and scientific organizations to contribute to the development of responsible and constructive solutions.

Charity Events

Every enterprise is the cornerstone of the society. Its primary responsibility is to provide products and services needed by the market. It should be responsible for consumers and service objects with a heart of mission, and at the same time, it should be responsible for the society, the environment, employees and the community with a heart of responsibility.

Since its establishment in Hong Kong in 1996, Dusservice has been integrating the concept of environmental protection into the whole process of business activities and services, using resources carefully, deploying environmental products and processes, and actively participating in the charity and public welfare activities in the cities and communities where we are located, so as to give back to the society.



Partnership Award by HKWHC

Earnest Employer by HKYWCA